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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blurry Amateur Photos

I've uploaded the first batch of photos (I'll do the videos later). You'll have to forgive our terrible camera skills--I didn't have time to pack the tripod!

For the more sensitive viewer, note that there are some nursing photos in the album.


Hello, World!

It is my great honor to announce to the world that as of 4:07 PM Seattle time, on the 26h of February, 2010, Samantha and I welcomed into this world our brand new baby daughter, Amelia Erin Biddlecom.

Both mom and baby are healthy and strong. Amelia clocked in at just over 6 pounds, 7 ounces, and (I think--I'm still a little bit sleepy) 20 inches or so.

The delivery was amazing. There's a whole story there, and I'll make another post later to detail it. For now, I am going to help Sammy feed Amelia, who just woke up from a very peaceful night's sleep.

Much, much, much, much to come! In fact, I'm probably going to very quickly turn into one of those nauseating parents who just can't stop writing/taking pictures/videoing about every tiny little detail.

Consider yourselves warned!