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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Attack of the Blog!

(Alternate title: Moar Babbys)

In keeping with my tradition of offloading tons of pictures and videos very rarely, I present to you: tons of pictures and videos! It's been really awesome watching Amelia develop her own unique personality lately. Her favorite activities are trying to stand, trying to walk and playing with our smartphones. Her absolute least favoritest is when we don't help her do any of those things.

Christmas with Sam's side of the family was great fun, and Amelia loved tearing the bows off of presents. She got lots of little books, lots of cute clothes, and all the attention she could ever want. The next big event is her first birthday party on the 25th of February and a two-week vacation to Florida after that! We'll make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos, of course.

The three words she uses most regularly are "mummm," "DA," and "nonononono;" she babbles almost constantly now. Except when she's around new people or in new places, when she goes back to her older, studious self. She's still friendly, and doesn't hide from strangers; she's just not really excited around them either.

Speaking of babbling, I'm going to stop and just get on with the pictures; new ones start here. And this time I didn't forget the videos: here are all of the new ones:


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  1. Hi Noelle,
    It's Todd (the previous homeowner of your place). Just a heads up - I recently bought something from eBay and didn't realize I had the old address on my account until after it was sent. Could I drop by and pick it up when it arrives? Very sorry for the inconvenience.

    You can ping me at and I can come out whenever it's convenient for you. Hope all is well!