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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sammy Thoughts

Sam had started writing this post at the hospital the day after Amelia was born (and the day we brought her home). She never got around to finishing it, but she said I should just hit the "Publish" button as is.


Writing quickly and one handed because little miss here will probably wake up soon and try to find another wildebeest to temporarily quench her insatiable hunger.

Mark requests that I write a mommy post.

I'm sore, exhausted, stunned and exhilarated--so, pretty typical of a new mom.

2 hours later...

where was I?

Well I AM back where I started. :p After a few people came in to check up on us and give me lots of information, she's back asleep in my arms. She is SUCH a single minded thing. After lots of work, I managed to wake her enough to nurse for a solid 10-20 minutes. When she wants sleep, there's no changing her mind. When she wants to nurse, there's no changing her mind. As an extreme measure, we stripped the child naked and held her under her arms, dangling. First time, she got mad and i managed to get her to latch. She went right back to sleep. Second, third, and fourth tries? She slept right through it. Once making a face, once making a big spit bubble, and once ignoring it entirely, with as much of her wounded dignity as she could muster.

After that, I just let her sleep. She eventually got a little fussy and I got her to nurse a bit, but little miss is a formidable opponent.

Maybe she'll rest in her bassinet so I can catch a nap before Mark returns with a clean car and Los Abuelos. If


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  1. "If..." ? I wonder what I was gonna say. A nurse came in and fussed at me to get some rest. I've been doing that for a few days. :) I'll make a post...eventually. Mark's bustling so much--I really can't express how much I appreciate you, sweetie. You guys, he's been amazing--learning and gaining confidence so fast, taking care of everything--including me...I'm really tired--I'll be able to do him justice when I'm more coherent. <3