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Sunday, March 7, 2010

We're in for it.

Amelia has rolled herself over multiple times. I witnessed it once, and you've seen the video evidence of another instance. As of this sentence, she is *checks clock* one week, 2 days, and 13 minutes old.

We're definitely going to need a playpen with a lid--especially when Aaron teaches her to climb. :-\


The other day--couldn't tell you which, but it doesn't matter--we were getting ready for bed. Mark knelt next t the bed and played with her on her tummy while I went to the bathroom. When I came back in, this conversation happened:

Mark: "She just rolled herself over!"
Sam: "No she didn't."
Mark: "Yes she did! She got her arms under herself and braced one leg and flipped herself onto her back."
Sam: "Holy shit!"
Mark: "Pretty cool, huh?"
Sam: "No, it's impossible. They can't roll over until they're 5 or 6 months old. 3 or 4 at the earliest."
Mark: "Really? You sure?"
Sam: "YES."


Sam: "You swear she really rolled over?"
Mark: "YES."
Sam: "Go tell Noelle. She knows--she'll be just as amazed as I am."

So he tells Noelle, who doesn't believe him and says maybe its just a fluke. Um, yes, it's definitely a fluke. I looked it up and says 2-3 months for front to back, 5-6 months for back to front.

I kind of didn't believe him either, or thought he'd leaned heavily on the bed. But, as I told Noelle: he had no idea it was unusual, so why would he make it up to mess with us?

Then a few days later, she did it again. On her own. On a changing pad. On the floor. And I saw it.

I yelled: "Holy shit. She just rolled over!"

We didn't get it on video. We DID however get the video below. To which I say again: Holy shit, did you see that?

Mark and I expected a sturdy child, but she exceeds anything we could have imagined. Our baby is stubborn and built like a tank. Watch out.

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  1. I once told her she was a silly baby, and she cold clocked me in the face! I woke up with her sleeping on my chest all cute and innocent, but I know that it's a lie! She will cut you, then do a 360, back to front to back!